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Business Planning

Business Planning is the key step in translating top level strategy into detail plans with clear objectives, associated performance measures and accountability for delivery.  But it is not just a top down processes.  When planned and managed well, an effective, iterative business planning exercise can engage the collective expertise and knowledge of your people, and can engage and empower your personnel in preparation for delivery of the plan.

Business Planning is a key step in taking strategy off the page and into the consciousness of the organisation.  It is the exercise, which provides an integrated, congruent set of goals and objectives from top level strategy to individual work plans.

Ignetica can help provide your organisation gain the most from business planning through;
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Business planning even when directed by clear strategy is not a simple handle-turning exercise; it isn’t just about generating a plan, it is about generating the best plan.  And key to this is gaining the grounded input from your people closest to delivery through their active engagement and ownership in the planning processes.   It is therefore as much the ‘journey’ of the business planning processes as well as the ‘destination’ (business plan) that is important.  
Managed Business Planning Process: We can design and facilitate a complete business planning processes based on the specific needs of your business.  We can facilitate the process and individual events to ensure your focus is exclusively on the content of the process rather than the process itself.  

Designed Business Planning Process: We can design an integrated business planning processes, and provide training for a number of your personnel in effective facilitation.

Presenting the Case - Business & Investment Plans: As well as supporting the process of developing your business plan, Ignetica also provide a documentation service to present your business and or investment plan.  Whilst your business plan must be a working document acting as your management ‘bible’, there are times when this also needs to be polished into an externally presentable document.  Weather for parent companies, VC or other investment support, presentation as well as content count.  Ignetica can help you present the best case.