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What’s your next move?

At the very heart of any business is it’s purpose, its reason for being; what it provides for its shareholders, and what it does in the competitive market to generate value for its customers and other stakeholders.  Typically this can be split in terms of its mission (what it is in the business of doing) and vision (where it is going).  Sounds simple, but in practise establishing, maintaining, communicating and executing these aspects in an ever changing environment is anything but.  And since this orientates and informs all other support strategies, plans and indeed the alignment of your organisation the importance of this is great.  The good news is Ignetica can help.

Our corporate strategy service is fully tailored to each specific client.  We can work from fist principals seeking to identify and clarify stakeholder drivers, expectations and constraints (frequently we find this particularly valuable with privately owned companies, JV and divisions within large corporate businesses) or we can build on existing understanding of these aspects.

Development of corporate strategy is not a singular process, it is complex and iterative.  It requires a an objective and critical understanding of the current position, a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape, stakeholder expectations, corporate capabilities, and a realistic view of what is achievable.  This needs not just to consider the situation today, but the likely situation going forward, based on the dynamics and drivers identified.  Based on this a range of strategic options can be synthesised, understood and reviewed, before selecting the chosen route forward.

Setting this framework provides the critical orientation all of the support strategies, plans and measures that collectively form the overall corporate strategy.  This need not however be a linear process, since development of these support strategies, may inform what is realistic in the top-level strategic plan.  We advocate therefore an integrated process of strategy development, business planning, organisational alignment and execution.   We have developed a series of programmes designed to provide clear market focus, enable profitable exploitation of market demand, involve all of your people in this process, and align your organisation and indeed others for maximum joint effectiveness.  

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