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Non Executive Directors

At Ignetica we pride ourselves on our ability to create lasting value for clients, and on our focus of ensuring ongoing client success.  For some clients an effective way of supporting long-term success may be through the provision of a non-executive director.   

Use of a Non-Executive director, ensures an independent voice on the board which can add value to decision making and maintain focus on business direction and strategy, helping avoid default to the latest operational issue.  As with all of our consultancy services, it provides very high level expertise when you needed it, without having to employ this talent on a full time basis.  

A number of ignetica’s senior personnel, all of whom are proven board level senior managers are available to serve as Non-Executive directors for client organisations.   Additionally we maintain a database of other NED’s who may be able to add value, depending on the circumstances.

In addition to the above, this service can be particularly valuable for VC funded businesses, requiring independent business supervision.
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