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The management of your strategy

As an action orientated strategy consultancy, Ignetica prides itself not only on the cleverness of the strategies we develop, but also on the results delivered for our clients.  But “strategy” development and implementation isn’t a one of activity – it is an ongoing process of management, monitoring and review.  Whilst your strategic plan provides the direction and map that your organisation is following, the crucial capability is the strategic management process which governs the formulation, planning, communication and implementation of the plan, as well as ongoing review of the environment and delivery of the plan.

The reality is, without adequate strategic management, particularly in rapidly changing markets, businesses will quickly fail or under-perform, no matter how great the operational management.  The need for effective strategic management to both deliver you strategic plan, and ensure your strategy is maintained to reflect changing circumstances and actual performance is considerable.

Ignetica can help;

Strategic Management Service: We can provide an ongoing management service to ensure delivery and maintenance of your strategy.
Developing Strategy Governance: We can develop the strategic performance management regime used to monitor delivery of your strategy and the environmental and other factors underpinning your strategy.  We can integrate this with financial, operations (KPI) and other measures to provide an integrated performance management mechanism.
Developing strategic management expertise: We can work with your management team to develop and refine both general strategic management skills, and specific focus on your organisations strategic management process.
Strategy Review Processes: Managing or facilitating Strategic Analysis, Development, Section and business planning processes.
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