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Operations Strategy

Operations strategy (how your business operates, day-to-day and end-to-end) is the HOW in your corporate and market strategy.  It is this strategy which enables (or not) the profitable delivery of your product/service propositions to your market, but it is not a ‘mere’ support function. Corporate, Market and Operations strategy are integrally linked, supported and informed by one another.  New operations models can enable radically different market propositions; they can provide the opportunity for new market and corporate strategy.

All operations strategies need to be designed to deliver the corporate and market strategy.  Of course it’s execution is principally through people and organisations.  Although the iterative nature must not be overlooked, there is a clear ‘form follows function’ principal flowing from operations strategy through to organisational structure and operations.

One of the key challenges in operations strategy is its symbiotic linkage with your organisation structure.  As described more fully in our change management section, organisations are living things aggregating the skills, complexities and drivers of the people within them.  All too frequently these aspects subconsciously impact and constrain business operations strategy.  In many cases organisations evolve rather than being designed, and changes become adaptations of the former structure without revisiting the underlying strategy and operations.

Looking at operations strategy afresh, coupled with advances in production and information technology, global business operations etc, can frequently realise radically different business operations models.  Coupling this with business processes reengineering techniques can provide enormous opportunity for operational efficiencies and economies.

Ignetica can help

Develop Operations Strategy.  Working from first principals we bring best practise and fresh approaches to your operations.
Business Processes Reengineering (BPR).  Developing end-to-end operations models for your business
Implementation Support.  Helping make the transition to new models with minimised risk.  Ignetica provide a range of change management, programme management and interim management solutions to make this happen.
Analysing the best delivery route? Based on analysis of  your business operations, capabilities and activities, we seek to identify those activities providing greatest competitive differentiation and customer ‘value’.   We focus attention on the delivery of market propositions/capability and use process re-engineering to deliver both enhanced competitive effectiveness and operational efficiency.   In the case of activities with low competitive differentials, we will seek direct means of cost reduction or through outsourcing, improved procurement effectiveness, or activity redesign/elimination.

Its an opportunity but also a threat.  If there is scope in your industry to change the engagement with the market and or the business operating models and you are not leading this, you run the risk someone else will.  And with all change of this type there is normally significant first mover advantage - you may be able to recover but you will have missed the opportunity to lead the game.

Ignetica creates operational advantage.