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Providing Clear Direction

No matter how effective your day-to-day business operations, if you’re not managing your strategy with equal vigour your overall effectiveness will always be compromised and your ability to generate lasting shareholder value will be disproportionately smaller.  Of course its not just about focusing on strategy, its about making sure your strategy provides real, measurable advantage over your competition.  And achieving that is about developing innovative strategy, bringing it to life and ensuring it’s effective translation into reality.

Providing new perspectives on strategy and business effectiveness is our core business.  We help clients ANALYSE their current situation, DEVELOP and IMPLEMENT innovative strategy with optimal market engagement and game-changing business models and through which create lasting shareholder value.

Good strategy is grounded in thorough analysis, and detailed situational understanding.  We work with you, our client, to analyse your particular market and business situation, based on which we develop a range of fully considered strategic options for review and selection.  And of course we support you all the way through this process.  Alternative we can assist in just those areas that you may require.

Our experience is broad, working with a wide range of industries and business situations.  We work in corporate, market and operations strategy areas.  We additionally focus on turnaround (returning failing companies to good health), turn-up (moving static performance onto a growth trajectory) and business/market/product launch strategies.

Ignetica can help through;

Fresh Thinking.  We provide new perspectives on strategy and business effectiveness, drawing on best practise from around the World.  We bring a fresh and focused approach breaking through established norms and perceived wisdom.  
Corporate Strategy.  Providing clarity on your stakeholder objectives, through to development of your top level strategic plan.  We help you define where you need to be and how you are going to get there.
Market Strategy.  How you engage with your market – in entirety.   We help you maximise your market effectiveness.  
Operations Strategy.  How you operate your business, from sales operations to production or service delivery, we help you obtain the optimum strategy, and develop game changing operations approaches.

Ignetica bring a combination of expertise, proven track record plus the management capacity and focus to deliver clear, innovative and game changing strategy.  We can manage the whole process of strategy development or just support with particular activities… but this isn’t the end of the story.  We also provide comprehensive support services to help implement your strategy, maximise your organisation and its people, and ensure high operational effectiveness.

We deliver strategic advantage.
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