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Personal Development Planning

This involves working on a 1 to 1 basis with a personal coach over a number of structured sessions that follow a step by step process

Step 1: Focus on self awareness – using a number of tools including 360 feedback and psychometric questionnaires this step is about clarifying key strengths and development needs

Step 2: Provide Direction – This next stage is concerned with setting clear and challenging personal and business objectives

Step 3: Action Planning - This stage involves exploring alternative models and approaches before agreeing a set of key actions for each objective. One of the key aims of this stage is to challenge current thinking and then putting change into practice

Step 4: Ongoing Coaching – this final stage involves the coach reviewing progress and providing ongoing input and support in any areas as appropriate.

The whole process normally lasts for 6 – 12 months and involves around 5 – 6 separate sessions.

This concept can also be delivered to middle managers in the form of a 2 day personal development workshop which mixes work in a group and work with an individual coach as is more cost effective than the purely 1 to 1 approach.

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